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With LUXURY DRIVER a new reality of rental and services enters the market. It is operative also in foreign countries with several branches. This modern and technological service, perfect for increasing and promoting your business, was born thanks to the long time experience in working abroad in companies political representation as a trade officer, and thanks to our associate staff, working in different business areas. We offer an up-to-date information system in order to satisfy all your needs and to obtain real time information about markets. These conditions are necessary to finalize successful negotiations.

Our staff, drivers and trade officers, is constantly up-to-date thanks to the training and deepening programs regarding in-flight and on-road security, market trends, knowledge of foreign languages and marketing approach. All these competences are aimed at guaranteeing reliability and proficiency with elegance and style. All these elements are necessary to present you to potential guests and to finalize successful negotiations. The large number of customers and partners we have represents the outcome of a well-done job, carried out with elegance, proficiency and prestige. For this reason we introduce a new service: business services aimed at supporting big and small companies engaged in closing deals We provide conference rooms and meetings rooms with the best and most modern equipment, perfect for B2B and B2C meetings. We can offer on date consultancy service and business assistance for reserved negotiations. Our professional staff members will support you.

Our car fleet, our air fleet, our helicopters and yachtes are perfect for your products’ presentation, for B2B and B2C meetings, as well as events organized by big and small companies. We also offer long-time renting, and you can choose between two different price ranges, i.e. exclusive / new or second-hand / classy, depending on your budget. We can also provide you with modern, electric cars, which allow to you to travel also in restricted areas. In addition, our cars are regularly maintained and subject to upkeep, through every possible kind of control, including security and cleaning pursuant to the Hygiene Box Clean method (a certified method based on ozone sanitizing). Our drivers and pilots become your powerful partners, always ready to help you with information, advice and assistance. They are driver agents and they are able to work with style and a high level of professionalism, enhancing your business and helping you to close a successful business deal.

Excitement, serenity and, above all, new emotions are the sources of your success.

“Improving the present to realize the future”: this is our slogan

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