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With LUXURY DRIVER a new reality of rental and services enters the market. It is operative also in foreign countries with several branches. This modern and technological service, perfect for increasing and promoting your business, was born thanks to the long time experience in working abroad in companies political representation as a trade officer, and thanks to our associate staff, working in different business areas.



Our staff is composed by qualified members and by a network made up by the most important Italian and international brands. We work to organize and valorize your ideas. We collaborate with the radio, the press, with many advertising agencies and professionals. We always choose the best and we follow the growth of your image thanks to our multi- disciplinary team who works to satisfy all your needs. Our car fleet, which is already very large, is even more extended thanks to the collaboration with the best partners. In effect, we want to guarantee to you the possibility to choose between a large variety of cars: you can choose between the town car or the super car, between the exclusive or the fancy car. In addition, we offer the possibility of renting yatches and helicopteres.

Private events

With Luxury Driver you can live the emotions of unforgettable moments thanks to our detailed and careful organization. Imagine your ceremony on a yacht in the middle of the sea, surrounded by wonderful costs. Imagine your trip, made comfortable and elegant by your dream’s car. Imagine the excitement of a wonderful view by our helicopters, just for your magic moments.

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Personalized trips

Birthday parties

Private parties

Personal shopping 

For every moment you want to make unforgettable, perfect and elegant.

Companies events

LWe offer our experience to your company in order to strengthen your companies’ images and communicative straight. We realize your ideas thanks to: wonderful locations, excellent cars, aircrafts and boats fleet. The qualified staff and partners will be your success’ allies.  

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B2B and B2c meetings


Negotiations with big and small companies


Team buildings

Fashion Advertising

Sport events


Stay always updated about our offers and promotions for privates and companies. Enter in Luxury Driver’s world and discover the advantages of traveling with us.

Every month you will have the possibility to try one of our services at a cheaper price. This is an incentive to encourage your business, to promote a more comfortable vision of your products and services and to consolidate your company’ s image.

Can’t you find the right offert, can you? Contact us and you will prepare a personalized quote.


All travels provide you memories and strong emotions. 

When you start a trip, you meet people of different cultures and lifestyles, you can come in contact with different languages, bizarre habits and traditions. 

Traveling open your minds and soul.

[Aphorism, Alessandro Borghese]


Our staff grows up in order to offer a service even more complete and modern. From today, your business can be based on our officer driver’s and business agent’s reliability, two professional and very qualified figures who support your business negotiations at any level

Any officer has specific competences in marketing and in market trends and he can master the strategies which are necessary to finalize business deals both in small and big companies; he also know foreign languages 

We provide an office for you so that you can enjoy the greatest privacy even when you will be far from you company branch 

We provide conference rooms for small or big groups, equipped with the most modern technologies.


We offer proficiency, reliability, the most updated services and technologies to achieve a successful business.

Fleet with driver
IWe offer an extending choice: you can choose between a car fleet, composed by town cars and even luxury cars and private jets, helicopters and yachts. 

You can even enjoy the reliability of a personal driver and a staff which guarantee the necessary freedom and the concentration to close deals and to personalize your image.

Fleet without driver
We offer a variety of cars. Our costumers can choose between the town car and the luxury car. You can drive them freely thanks to our special package of services and full optional.

You can be always connected to the net with our exclusive service “wi-fi always with you”. Thanks to this service you can always be informed and receive informations and updates.

Driver officer
A professional business officer will work for you also as a personal driver and he will help you in business negotiations. Our drivers, pilots and business officers staff is always updated about markets trends, marketing strategies. They also know the main foreign languages in order to guarantee reliability and proficiency with style, elegance and kindness.

Sales agents for deal closing
He always has modern technologies and real-time information. For these reasons, a sales agent is a wonderful partner for your business, who can introduce you to potential clients and help big and small companies engage in successful negotiations, even the most critical ones.

Long-term renting, first-hand and second-hand
All services are included in one monthly rent in order to optimize the costs and to effectively manage your time. The Luxury Driver long-term rent service allows you to travel easily and safely, thanks to the special bundle including constant maintenance (both ordinary and extraordinary), compulsory revision, roadside rescue and assistance, tires maintenance and insurance. The Luxury Driver long-term rent service applies both to first-hand and second-hand vehicles included in our car fleet, so as to satisfy all of your needs.

Driver Service
Our company offers a Driver Service: you can deliver and pick up the car at our company’s premises or at your own facilities.

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