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Renting a vehicle with Luxury Driver is a synonym of elegance, competence, professionalism and success. Up-to-date technologies and comfort, vehicle management and control and staff’s professional training guarantee high-level security and reliability. Furthermore, you will be provided with a contract tailored to your needs, set prices and reliable services for your business.

Renting different types of car: town cars, supercars, private jets, helicopters and yachts. Our car fleet includes a broad range of cars, from the town car to the supercar, guaranteeing the best service in terms of quality and reliability. This is possible thanks to the partnership with important luxury brands and well-known international brands, which work to assure you an unforgettable experience

Long-term renting, first-hand and second-handAll services are included in one monthly rent in order to optimize the costs and to effectively manage your time. The Luxury Driver long-term rent service allows you to travel easily and safely, thanks to the special bundle including constant maintenance (both ordinary and extraordinary), compulsory revision, roadside rescue and assistance, tires maintenance and insurance. The Luxury Driver long-term rent service applies both to first-hand and second-hand vehicles included in our car fleet, in order to satisfy all of your needs. Our company offers a Driver Service: you can deliver and pick up the car at our company’s premises or at your own facilities.

Business officer or private driver

Our staff – which includes drivers, pilots and sales agents – are regularly updated about market trends and master marketing strategies as well as the most important foreign languages, in order to guarantee reliability and professionalism with style, elegance and kindness 

Sales agents for deal closing He always has modern technologies and real-time information. For these reasons, a sales agent is a wonderful partner for your business, who can introduce you to potential clients and help big and small companies engage in successful negotiations, even the most critical ones.

Private driver for important events We provide private citizens and companies with the possibility to rent town cars, super cars, private jets, helicopters and yachts to organize events, B2B and B2C business meetings, fashion and advertising events, ceremonies, parties, as well as private shopping and transfer trips. 

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